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Coach Thinks Outside the Bag

COA.06.01.17.coachwall He and his team warned Wall Street to expect about eight quarters, an eternity in retail, before North American revenue would turn around. To analysts’ amazement, the forecasts were spot on, earning Luis and Coach a ton of credibility in the investment community. The forecasts came true largely because Luis’s bet paid off: Becoming less ubiquitous restored Coach’s aura. In UBS’s recent annual survey of handbag shoppers, 72% of customers had a favorable view of Coach, and respondents gave Coach higher marks for quality than Kate Spade or Kors. Just as important, in Coach’s most recent quarter, 55% of the handbags it sold in North America cost $400 or more, up from just 30% two years earlier. Those are heartening numbers in a value-conscious era. During the Great Bag Boom earlier this decade, women would buy several handbags a year to build a wardrobe. “Now it’s about collecting one signature item, that one great bag,” says Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst at market research firm NPD Group. And Coach is often that bag.

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